Mums the Word

As is standard procedure when one finds out they are expecting a baby, I told my mother. My mother and I are not close and have a fraught relationship with long periods of not speaking. The last vow of silence lasted over a year, and though punctuated with occasional texts and the most strained of phone calls, it seemed we had both finally agreed our absence in each other’s lives was the best thing for everyone. Continue reading


Where is Emma and What Have You Done with Her?

Ok so I should probably address the somewhat extended absence from all things blog-like. My last post was six weeks ago because that was the last time I actually wrote anything. The reason for this being, not that my life has ground to a sudden and dull halt, but rather so much has happened I can’t quite process it in a way that would make sense on paper. I think (and I emphasise the ‘think’) that I might have finally shoved my way through the confusion and have some idea of how to form my thoughts into prose once more. Continue reading