It’s better to have loved and lost…

I’m experiencing a tug of love, a sentimental internal battle where ultimately logic will prevail but in the short term, my heart strings have been pulled so hard it hurts. I’m selling my clothes on eBay. Ok, this may seem trivial and mundane but I assure you it’s a weighty issue. I love clothes, I love fashion, I love outfits and accessories; I love it all like a shopaholic loves her credit card.
I have been brutal. Not worn it for six months? Gone. Not really in fashion anymore? See ya. Highly unlikely to ever go anywhere I can wear it again? So long, farewell. Some items have been destined for the dumping pile for a while, and I’m actually rubbing my hands in glee that I even made 99p on them. But other things, within their patterns and fabric, hold memories, and a sense of possibility. Continue reading