Bitch Please

31Today I have sent my work colleague three non-work related emails. She sits right next to me, I could literally turn my head about 20 degrees and be facing her. We talk constantly about pretty much everything so what reason is there to waste my time typing when what I have to say could easily go forth from my desk to hers? Put simply, it’s because I’m having a damn good bitch about someone that sits about a metre away and rather than scream, quite manically, in their face, I choose to send my friend carefully sourced images and notes depicting just how irritated I am at that given moment. Continue reading


Decisions, decisions

mens-style-guide2Despite the many advances we seem to have made when it comes to equality, why do I sometimes still feel that if you’ve got a cock and balls, you’re king of the f**cking world. Apologies for the profanity but my soapbox is looking a little grubby at the moment, owing to the amount of shit I’ve had thrown at me from aforementioned ‘kings of the world’.
I’m not a fist in the air feminist. To be honest I’m quite happy with the general balance of things and do think that people should relax a little and accept that men and women were born with different bits and different capabilities and so why should they not play to their gender specific strengths when it’s called for. Likewise though, we’re lucky enough to be able to make 21st century choices so whilst women might naturally be more nurturing it doesn’t mean we can’t climb the corporate ladder in-case of some sort of sexism induced vertigo. Continue reading