Me, Myself & I Do

331346_224139037637997_110263242358911_656852_7982484_o[1]Last year, along with about 250,000 other people, I got married. After 15 months of planning, weeks worth of trips to Hobbycraft, days of decision making & several hours of arguments, it genuinely was the best day of my life. Yes, yes, I know that’s schmaltzy & predictable but it’s true, hand on soppy heart. The reason though, was not because I married my childhood sweetheart or had a big princess dress or spent the day in a champagne fuelled ecstasy, it was the entirely unschmaltzy fact that I had absolutely everything exactly how I (and my-now-husband of course) wanted it. Which, in some subconscious part of my mind, feels controversial & maybe even just a tiny bit arrogant, but should it? Continue reading


You know that saying…

…the one about swans looking all serene but paddling like mad underneath. That’s me. Maybe not the beautiful one at the front, more likely the one lagging behind, but nevertheless I’m working my absolute arse off just trying to stay afloat, to keep some balance and still somehow everyone around me thinks I’ve got it so together, so sewn up when all I want to do sometimes is fall apart. Continue reading