You’ll be a Woman Soon

We did it, we did it! We finally sold our flat! I write these words slightly reluctantly because while I don’t actually believe in fate, I do weirdly believe in tempting it. We have had the offer, we have accepted it, we have filled in all the solicitor’s forms and the buyer has had a survey done. It is, it would seem, all going to plan. Continue reading


Invite Only

Recently my sister arranged a night out for her friends and my friends to come together as one and have a right good girly bonding session. Sounds fun right? Which it would be, but when she asked me who from my side I would be inviting, it brought up an internal melee I have thus far been trying to avoid confronting. Continue reading

We Shall Not Be Moved

I honestly feel like I am going to be stuck in the flat I bought when I was 20 forever. I really really don’t want to a be another clichéd casualty of the recession but I fear that I am already just another statistic on another depressing news article about house prices falling. Surely someone at some point is going to coin a wonderful new phrase about this generation of twenty something second time buyers who can’t sell up for love nor money. No, forget love, just money will do. Generation stuck-in-a-rut perhaps? Continue reading

Hello world!

I was going to change that generic Hello World title but then it reminded me of a Belle Perez song from the soundtrack of “Down to You”  which made me smile so I’m keeping it.

Ok, well I’m Emma. I have a lot of thoughts. Some very random ones, some silly ones, some angry ones, a few negative, a few positive, a lot of realistic/cynical ones. I drive myself mad sometimes with the amount of things I think about, I have lists for lists and can turn reading a magazine into a life meltdown; I mean what if that necklace they are advertising sells out and I can’t get it and then my cream chunky knit jumper won’t look ‘winter 2012’ enough and I’ll be left on the fashion scrapheap? I think some people would say it’s anxiety but I just think I’m a bit of a bloody nightmare. So with all these thoughts whizzing around I wondered if it would be a good idea to get some of them out of my head and onto an A4 Word document. Which is why I’m writing this fascinating slice of my life. Welcome, maybe not to my world, but to the inside of my eclectic, fuzzy mind.

P.S. Anyone not liking irony, should probably turn back around right now